Company Formalization

Get Business Continuity

A company’s life is not determined by the longevity of its members, shareholders, promoters, directors, employees or anyone else

Get the BIG Business

Large companies and government suppliers lists and most importantly, all commercial tenders require participation by registered companies.

Get Limited Liability

A company is a distinct legal person and owners cannot be held personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities of the company

Get Business Compliance

A company enables you to operate your business legally and pay taxes that will contribute to overall national building.

Once Off
For Small to Medium Businesses
Ideal for Small to Medium Businesses
Ideal for Sole Traders
Distinct Legal Personality
Perpetual Succession
20 Directors Maximum
Incorporation Statement and Bylaws
Articles of Association (not required)
Members hold member’s interest
Can purchase a member’s interest
Members run the PBC
Register of Members (not required)
Limited Liability to owners
Financial Statements (not required)
Once Off
For Medium to Large Business
Ideal for Medium to Large Businesses
Must have 2 or more people
Distinct Legal Personality
Perpetual Succession
50 Directors Maximum
Certificate, Memorandum, CR6 and CR14
Articles of Association (Required)
Shareholders hold shares
Can acquire its Own Shares
Directors run PLC
Register of Members (Required)
Limited Liability to owners
Audited Financial Statements (Required)